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electrical servicing

Domestic and commercial servicing

The safety of your staff, family, home or business buildings are paramount. It’s important to have regular checks, testing, monitoring, fixing and servicing of relevant electrical systems.

Especially now, as software and electrical systems merge, there’s a greater need for regular monitoring and software updates to make sure your systems are secure in every sense.

As health and safety laws continue to be tightened, maintenance is needed in an ever-broadening variety of ways so you remain compliant.

What Requires Electrical Servicing?

Here at Anderson Electrical Services, we offer a range of servicing options for individuals and businesses. Servicing is required on a diverse range of electrical situations.

  • Digital communications
  • Electrical machines
  • Testing and tagging on equipment, appliances and tools
  • Generators
  • Hydraulics
  • Air conditioning units
  • Surge protectors
  • Transformers

Even a single failure on a component could cause a catastrophic failure on a digital system, causing loss of data and downtime.

What Does Anderson Electrical Do?

We aim to identify problems before they cause an issue to your safety or continuity of business. For example, a backup generator, when not in use, may run the starter batteries down or wiring can be damaged by rats and mice.

So then, when you need it, it doesn’t work. Suddenly, your backup plan is no longer possible.

Our electrician thoroughly check wiring and all electrical components for wear and tear. Testing equipment is used to make sure the current is correct and equipment isn’t running over or under-current, which could cause further damage or fire.

There are also electrical repairs/ additions as required- if your break room has a new coffee machine installed that requires a power point, or light bulbs replaced, this is when we can address these issues too.

Safety Is of Utmost Importance

Our electrician is a Registered Master Electrician and have other health and safety qualifications.

This means you know the work quality is excellent and compliant with all electrical laws and regulations.
If work is at height or with mains power, it requires an extra level of compliance and paperwork.

Contact us to arrange a walk-through of your business, and we can put together an action plan and quote.

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